Would you prefer to go paperless and have your bills sent to your email? Please complete the form below and agree to the terms and conditions:

    By submitting the form you agree to the Terms and Conditions.


    By using the Dodsley Propane paperless bill service, you accept that you will no longer receive a paper bill.
    Once you have applied for the paperless bill service, an email will be sent to you with an attached PDF file of your billing.
    You must have a valid e-mail address to use the paperless bill service. You must provide us with the correct and currently valid address of the email account to which you would like your bill to be sent. The accuracy of the email address is entirely your responsibility and in particular, but without limitation, should that email account ever become invalid or should you wish your bill to be sent to a different account it shall be your responsibility to notify us. You shall remain fully liable for any bills which have been sent to your previous email address.

    All bills sent to you by email are due payable on the “payable by date” of each bill. You shall remain fully responsible and liable to pay any bills emailed to the email address you have specified regardless of whether or not you access that email account and read your bill, are disconnected from your email account for any reason or fail to read the email, or for any other reason.

    If you wish to cancel the paperless bill service, you should notify us immediately. We will cancel your paperless bill within 5 working days of such notification and after that date no further billings will be sent to you by email. However, you shall remain fully responsible for paying in full any emailed billing sent to you on or before the date on which your paperless bill had been cancelled.